Anatomy of Gray

by Jim Leonard Jr.

Directed by Alex Burkart

Cherry Creek High School

April 25-27, 2019


For their spring play, Cherry Creek High School Theater produced Jim Leonard Jr.’s coming-of-age folktale centered around the relevant theme of otherness.

I conceptualized the piece accentuating the “children’s story for adults” feeling by staging in a runway fashion (with audience on two sides, rather than a typical in-the-round setting). We also focused on integrating magical qualities within the play’s relatively simple nature.  This included: casting a guitarist to sing and play throughout the entire show- underscoring the more important moments and transitions; installing a pulley system under the stage, which could transform a simple box into a gliding boat; painting the set in colors that would allow light to transform into different types of day, weather, and time; and using animated projection to capture a tornado blowing a hot air balloon into a small town.

The play concluded my first year teaching at Cherry Creek High School as the school’s theater teacher.  It featured two casts: a main cast that played the 7pm shows, and an understudy cast that played the 2pm matinee.

Upstage set with runway
Downstage set with runway