Who We Are:

Alex and Emily Burkart are visual and performing artists who spent time in Los Angeles pursuing careers in acting.  While in Los Angeles, we developed a love for working with people and capturing their individual essence, as well as picked up some valuable skills in portrait photography and photoshoot direction.

We are based in the Denver metro-area and specialize in lifestyle portraits as well as professional-grade headshots that are as custom as you are.  We are not for all markets, and will not do typical senior portrait poses (like leaning against a tree).  We believe in you having fun and feeling free and relaxed during the shoot.  We believe that portrait photography should be storytelling, and give us an audience a chance to look into your life.  We love color and character. We value your independent person, and believe that should show through your photos.


Current pricing is as follows:

$200.00- 1 Look/1 Location

$300.00- 2 Looks/2 Locations

$400.00- 3 Looks/3 Locations

$50.00 per additional look/location after three

$150.00 for reshooting

$25 per touched-up image (first two free).

Included within payment is the sitting session (which lasts as long as it takes to get the images), 25-50+ color-corrected images in high-resolution (print ready) format, and two images retouched (upon client request).

Images will be delivered to you via Google Drive link.  After you receive the link, you will have 30 days to download the images.  You may also request a USB Drive containing all your final images prior to the shoot.

Burkart Photography does not provide printing services.  We charge a larger sitting fee as we give you all of the final image rights, which you can affordably print via other companies.  We do not believe in up-selling our clients on prints.

Cancellations or Rescheduling Shoots:

Clients may cancel or reschedule their shoot 48-hours in advance, free of charge.  Cancellations less than 48-hours in advance will be billed a $50.00 cancellation/change of appointment fee.


We will send the you an itinerary of all locations and estimated time-frames 24-hours before the shoot. Locations will be selected to give you a variety of looks, and we will consult you prior to the shoot about what “vibes” you’d like to communicate with your photos.

Make sure to get plenty of rest the night before.

Please make sure to drink plenty of water the day before.

Please come hair and make-up ready.  If you would like to hire a hair/make-up artist, they are welcome to join the shoot as well.

Parents/Guardians are always welcome to join the shoot.  Friends will need to stay at home.

Both Alex and Emily will be at the shoot, one photographing, and the other coaching and monitoring you to make sure you look your best.  You will be allowed to view your images periodically throughout the shoot, and you are more than welcome to give us feedback about what you want more or less of.

Photoshoot will take as long as needed.  We don’t want you to feel rushed, so we will never schedule more than one session a day.

What to wear:

Wardrobe should reflect you at your best.  You should be comfortable in what you are wearing, and it should represent you.  Please refrain from wearing micro-patterns; large patterns are okay (we love Anthropologie).

Please bring several clothing options (double the number of looks, example: two looks, four clothing options).  We will look at the wardrobe options prior to shooting and come up with a plan-of-attack.

Contact and Booking:

Always feel free to reach out with any questions or concerns, or if you’d like to book an appointment.  You can contact us by emailing alexburkart@gmail.com, or by calling 323-717-1573.

Alex is also a teacher, and does not take appointments on weekdays from August 10th – June 1st.

We look forward to working with you!