Throwing Stones at Sparrows

Drama, Two-Acts, 3 Men, 1 Woman

The gist: Joseph and Mimsy Sleighback are a conservative young couple living in Southern, WI. Prior to the play’s main action Joe’s mother dies leaving him with an inheritance of the three bedroom home where he grew up and she hoarded for decades.  The emptying of the home proves to be not only a challenge for Joe, but his wife as well, exposing the brittle nature of their young marriage.  Joe’s identical twin brother Jack comes home from New York City to assist his brother with the house, bringing a man by the name of Andrew Mann who is revealed to be Jack’s boyfriend in an unexpected “coming-out.”  The news immediately propels the brothers into a combative theological war and sentences Joe to the torrential winds of gossip regarding his own sexual identity.  Throwing Stones at Sparrows is an honest (and sometimes humorous) examination of the blockades that prevent our own individuality.

Contains strong language and adult situations. Mature audiences only.  

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