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The Visual Staging of Audio Plays. Virginia Commonwealth University, 2016.

The Visual Staging of Audio Plays explores the directing practice of radio dramas that are staged for viewing purposes rather than their typical solo-auditory purposes. The thesis is comprised of three separate parts: a brief history of theatrical sound, an introduction to radio drama theory and practice, and application. The application portion is a detailed first-person account of my personal experience staging It’s a Wonderful Life: A Live Radio Play by Joe Landry for TheatreVCU’s Mainstage winter special event in 2015. It is also in this section where I integrate history, theory, and practice to formulate technique for directing the genre for stage.


Alex has written three full-length plays as well as several one-acts.  Brief descriptions of the plays can be found below.  All plays are registered and protected under the copyright laws of America.  If you are interested in producing one of the plays please contact:

Peregrine Whittlesey Agency

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Tel: 212-787-1802

Atlas Pit or The Garbage Man’s Son

Two-Acts, 4 Men, 2 Women

“Potent and provocative, Atlas Pit, Or The Garbage Man’s Son marks fledgling playwright Burkart as one to watch…” – StageScene LA

ATLAS PIT centers around 18-year-old Felinus Oswald Black (Ozzy). A year prior to the play’s main action, Ozzy’s girlfriend (Gray) drowned in an old gravel quarry turned pond located in Janesville, WI. The sudden death sentences Ozzy to an erupting depression, resulting in him running away from home and shutting himself up within a seedy apartment flat. In a continued effort to find escape, Ozzy stumbles upon a brand of heroin that brings the user so close to death “that they see those waiting for them on the other side.” ATLAS PIT is inspired by the myth of Orpheus and Eurydice and explores the ideas of addiction, love, life, and faith.

Contains strong language and adult situations.  

Produced September 30th-October 23rd, 2016 by Los Angeles New Court Theatre at the Working Stage Theater in Hollywood, CA.  Check out the review by StageSceneLA!

ATLAS PIT features original music by Kyle Acheson.  Check out the live performance of him singing “Only Visiting” below:

El Cíclope

A Full-Length Play with Parables, 4 Women, 2 Men
Award-Winning author Cori Cliff returns to her hometown of Janesville, WI during an international book tour promoting her latest work- a novella titled El Cíclope.  The story is a memoir masked as fiction depicting her life as once Homecoming Queen Courtney Cliff and her relationships between two men: her high school boyfriend Sean Davis, and her outcast Spanish tutor Matt Long.  As the plot blossoms (and wilts), Courtney must face some of the world’s harshest and most beautiful truths, forcing the young girl to flee her home town and ultimately transform into her now unrecognizable self.  The play is inspired by Latin-American folklore.

Features Spanish Translations by Octavio Rodriguez


Throwing Stones at Sparrows

Two-Acts, 3 Men, 1 Woman

Joseph and Mimsy Sleighback are a conservative young couple living in Southern, WI. Prior to the play’s main action Joe’s mother dies leaving him with an inheritance of the three bedroom home where he grew up and she hoarded for decades.  The emptying of the home proves to be not only a challenge for Joe, but his wife as well, exposing the brittle nature of their young marriage.  Joe’s identical twin brother Jack comes home from New York City to assist his brother with the house, bringing a man by the name of Andrew Mann who is revealed to be Jack’s boyfriend in an unexpected “coming-out.”  The news immediately propels the brothers into a combative theological war and sentences Joe to the torrential winds of gossip regarding his own sexual identity.  Throwing Stones at Sparrows is an honest (and sometimes humorous) examination of the blockades that prevent our own individuality.

Contains strong language and adult situations. Mature audiences only.  



One-Act, 1 Man, 3 Women

The world was almost overcome by zombies, until the discovery of a miracle drug that returned the dead to a living conscious state.  The only catch is that the “rots” now have to receive monthly vaccinations at a “life clinic” or they will revert back to their flesh-eating ways.  The play’s action takes place in one of these “life clinic” waiting rooms, where the living’s surfaced racism towards the dead becomes a motor for the question: who are the real monsters in this world?

Contains strong language. 




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