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There Be Monsters is a series of one-act plays I wrote when I was trying this whole playwriting thing out.  They are about the trials and tribulations that we face on a daily basis to defeat the monsters of our past, present, and future.  There are a ton of plays in this collection, and some of them are still super rough, so I’ll continue to update this list as I sift through them (which I’ve been doing over the past couple months).  If any interest you and you want to take a read e-mail me at [email protected].


Drama/Comedy, One-Act, 1 Man, 3 Women

The gist: The world was almost overcome by zombies, until the discovery of a miracle drug that returned the dead to a living conscious state.  The only catch is that the “rots” now have to receive monthly vaccinations at a “life clinic” or they will revert back to their flesh-eating ways.  The play’s action takes place in one of these “life clinic” waiting rooms, where the living’s surfaced discrimination towards the dead becomes a motor for the question: who are the real monsters in this world? Contains strong language. 


Sci-Fi/Drama, 5 Women, 1 Man

The gist: It is the future and a super-flu virus has wiped out all people on earth with a Y chromosome: leaving only the women behind.  This play centers on a small women colony, and what happens when a mysterious man (perhaps the last on earth) shows up on their doorstep.


Drama, 2 Men

The gist: A homeless man with a make-shift cart sits on an empty road.  He is then met up with a second man, who happens to be quite wealthy, and is leaving his entire life behind (his family and career) to be with a younger woman he met elsewhere.  In order to move forward however, this second man realizes that he will need to pass this interesting stranger, who seems to know more than he actually should.


Drama, One-Act, 1 Man 1 Woman

The gist: Euri is an accomplished writer whose new play Medea has reached its opening night on Broadway.  Hopefully he’ll still be alive to see it, after a woman claiming to be Medea herself shows up on his doorstep seeking revenge.


Drama, One-Act, 1 Man 1 Woman

The gist: A washed-up Hollywood actor is sent a mysterious box in the mail claiming to contain the skull of his father (it was donated to a theatre company to forever play Yorick in their productions of Hamlet).  Upon receiving this package he decides to contact his older sister who he has not seen in over two years to figure out who has sent the package.


Sci-Fi/Horror, One-Act, 2 Men 1 Woman

The gist: Identical twins Anthony and Brett Thomas are short on cash and decide to sign-up for a twin study.  Little do they know how extensive this study is, and hopefully they will make it out alive.


Comedy, One-Act, 2 Men 1 Woman

The gist: My first play. Brent and Harper couldn’t be worse enemies.  Too bad they’ll have no choice but to confront each other after being locked in a closet during a teenage party game of Seven Minutes in Heaven.  This play is exactly seven minutes long.