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I love creating things.  I love sharing them more.  If you’d like to read any of my work feel free to contact me at [email protected] or visit my profile on the New Play Exchange.

Please note that all of my works have registered copyrights and are protected under the copyright laws of America.


I have written three full-length plays and several one-acts. My play El Cíclope was a 2018 Finalist for the Eugene O’Neill National Playwriting Conference and a Finalist for the 2018 Moss Hart & Kitty Carlisle Hart New Play Initiative (top 8 out of 1200).

Please click the title of each play below to see the rundown.

They are free to read, but if you are interested in producing one (or all), you should contact my champ agent:

Peregrine Whittlesey • 212-787-1803 • [email protected].

My plays are mostly centered on poetic coincidence with a darkened tint: creating modern tragedy.  This interest is inspired by my own life (my twin brother and I were born the same day my uncle died in the same hospital).  The work features often oppressed societies, struggling against the torrential winds of today: socio-economic warfare, drug addiction, racial stereo-typing and gender roles, and sexual preference (to name only a few).  I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.  I have many works still in progress, but when they are ready to share, I do.  It’s pointless to write if you can’t share it.  Enjoy!

Alex Burkart
Atlas Pit by Alex Burkart
El Ciclope
Stone Point by Alex Burkart
Phantom Sensations by Alex Burkart


The Visual Staging of Audio Plays. Virginia Commonwealth University, 2016.

Abstract: The Visual Staging of Audio Plays explores the directing practice of radio dramas that are staged for viewing purposes rather than their typical solo-auditory purposes. The thesis is comprised of three separate parts: a brief history of theatrical sound, an introduction to radio drama theory and practice, and application. The application portion is a detailed first-person account of my personal experience staging It’s a Wonderful Life: A Live Radio Play by Joe Landry for TheatreVCU’s Mainstage winter special event in 2015. It is also in this section where I integrate history, theory, and practice to formulate technique for directing the genre for stage.


Excerpt Publication, 100 Monologues from New Plays- Men, “Atlas Pit,” Applause Theatre and Cinema Books, Editor Lawrence Harbison, 2019